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Ayur Lip Balm (6gm)

About The Product 6gm Description: Pamper your lips with fresh, fruity flavours, a burst of shine and the smooth feel of a lipbalm! Easy to carry small jar has a great conditioning formula, with natural ingredientslike beeswax, glycerin and natural fruit extracts, helps to improve lip condition overtime and lock in moisture for hours.

Baby Dove Rich Moisture Hair to Toe Baby Wash (400ml)

299.00 250.00
About The Product 400ml Description: Bathtime should be all about smiles, not tears – which is why it’s important to choose a baby wash that is right for you both.

Clean & Clear Fairness Cream (20gm)

65.00 64.00
About The Product 20gm Description:
Clean & Clear Fairness Cream Is Breakthrough Formula Enriched With Cherry Extract And Multi Vitamins Instantly Brightens And Lightens Skin For Pinkish Fair Skin.

Dermi Cool Heat Lavender Talcum Powder (150gm)

112.00 108.00
About The Product 150gm Description: Prickly heat powder is usually used after bath as an antiseptic and absorbent dusting powder. It's a cooling and soothing lavender scented powder that Gives you instant relief from itching, heat rash and skin irritation.

Dermi Cool Regular Prickly Heat Talc (150gm)

90.00 85.00
About The Product 150gm Description: Dermi cool regular prickly heat talc is one of the oldest products of Dermi cool brand contains no artificial ingredients and keeps you refreshed throughout the day.

Dermi Cool Sandal Prickly Heat Powder (150gm)

84.00 83.00
About The Product 150gm Description: DermiCool, a prickly heat powder from Paras Pharmaceuticals imparts a refreshing, cooling sensation in those extremely hot, sweaty summers. This powder with its mentholated formulation is literally ‘cool’ and provides instant relief from intolerable heat and excessive sweating with its cool, soothing effect.

Dove Combo Pack (Set of 3)

115.00 112.00
About The Product 100ml Description: Dove brings to you this Dryness Care combo pack of three, which includes Dove Dryness Care Shampoo, Dove Dryness Care Conditioner and Dove Elixir Hair Oil.  Dove Dryness Care Shampoo reduces the dryness of your hair and keeps it clean and soft. Dove Dryness Care Conditioner makes your hair strong and protects it from pollution.  Nourish your hair with the Dove Elixir Hair Oil to get a healthy long and damage free hair.

Emami Naturally Fair Herbal Fairness Cream (25ml)

70.00 68.00
About The Product 25ml Description: Emami Naturally Fair Herbal Fairness Cream has guaranteed real pearls and active herbs. Formulated by Emami Herbal Research it is 100% herbal.

Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic Care Face Cream (50gm)

120.00 119.00
About The Product 50gm Description: Using Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic Care, your skin appears naturally fairer after returning to a state of balance. Presenting New Fair & lovely ayurvedic Balance enriched with Lodhra.

Fair & Lovely Powder Face Cream (18gm)

55.00 54.00
About The Product 18gm Description: Fair & Lovely Powder Cream is an expert product that brings together fine brightening powder & advanced multivitamin fairness cream to give you an instant.

Fem Gold Bleach (24gm)

70.00 65.00
About The Product 24gm Description: FEMFem Gold Bleach 24gm

Fem Gold Bleach (8gm)

38.00 36.00
About The Product 8gm Description: Fem Gold Bleach  8gm